Diverse Biotech creates first new drug candidates and progresses them to Pre-Clinical Testing

Doylestown, PA Nov. 5th 2019/– Diverse Biotech, Inc. has announced it has successfully synthesized its first three new chemical entities (NCEs) and have progressed them into the pre-clinical testing starting with in vitro testing. These NCEs will be targeting basal cell carcinoma, pancreatic cancer, and glioblastoma with the ultimate future goal of establishing new standards of care for cancer patients.

In addition, Diverse Biotech has established a formal name for its innovate platform that utilizes highly advanced conjugate chemistry using cannabidiol (CBD) and targeted medicines to produce novel new chemical entities or drugs. The Platform will be called: CuSP-C2 stands for Custom Synthesis Platform – Conjugated Cannabinoids.

“We are rapidly progressing our innovative conjugate synthesis platform which we have named
CuSP-C2. Having both synthesized our first 3 NCEs and moving them into pre-clinical testing is extremely exciting for the company and we are on an accelerated development path for these first 3 potential new drugs as the first wave of our Platform. This is also a tremendous step at the end of the day for cancer patients.” said Stella Vnook, Diverse Biotech’s Chief Executive Officer.

About Diverse Biotech

Diverse Biotech is a US-based biopharmaceutical company focused on medical discoveries and the development of new molecules for the treatment of Oncology and other debilitating diseases. We are discovering and developing novel therapeutics utilizing cannabidiol (CBD) as a core component and combining it through advanced conjugate chemistry with other targeted medicines to develop new chemical entities that are theoretically more efficacious and less toxic. Our initial targets are hard-to-treat oncologic disorders including basal cell carcinoma and other Dermatology related cancers, Pancreatic cancer and Glioblastoma, where targeted therapies have proven largely unsuccessful thus far and there is significant unmet need.

Further information about Diverse Biotech can be found at www.diversebiotech.com, and Fundable at https://www.fundable.com/diverse-biotech .

Brian Longstreet
Chief Business Officer
Diverse Biotech, Inc