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About Diverse Biotech

Diverse Biotech, Inc. is an innovative, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical research company that is committed to discovering and developing novel therapeutics from its proprietary and patented CBD formulations and cancer research. The Company’s formulas are novel discoveries for improving the health and well-being of cancer patients around the world.

An Experienced Teams Leads Our Three Business Units

Diverse Biotech is the combination of three unique business units (Diverse Pharma, Diverse DNA and Diverse Hydro) that support one another and are focused on improving health and wellness. Led by an experienced executive team that includes Stella Vnook (CEO), Beaudon Spaulding, Louis Olave and Dr. Philip Arlen. This team has invested substantially into the business to date and has assembled a board of medical advisors who are among the top medical and cancer treatment opinion leaders in the world. 

Let’s Make a Difference Together

Moving Through FDA Approvals

Diverse Biotech’s first proprietary CBD compound which is currently being moved through the FDA approval process is BRCX, a sublingual/oral formulation with provisional patents for treating breast, colorectal, pancreatic, myeloma, glioblastoma and gallbladder cancers, among others. 

Diverse Biotech’s intellectual property currently consists of several dozen patents/patents pending for the treatment of cancer. 

The Company is rapidly expanding its IP as the research team identifies and quantifies different treatment modalities in the world of oncology.