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Cannabis Sequencing and New Cancer Research

In 2014, the entire genome of Cannabis stavia L. was sequenced. This news received national attention with eye-catching headlines such as: “Marijuana Genome Sequenced for Health, Not Highs”. Researchers and oncologists took note, not due to the attention-grabbing headlines, but because their focus was to pair the decoded cannabis genome research with sequencing of the […]
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The Importance of DNA Sequencing and Cancer Research

In the simplest of terms, DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the genetic code that determines all the characteristics of a living thing. This double, long chain of molecules called nucleotides tell each cell what proteins to make, giving them the genetic instruction guide for life and its processes. Each cell’s development, reproduction and death are […]
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An Overview of Glioblastoma

It is estimated that more than 240,000 cases of brain and nervous system tumors are diagnosed each year around the world. The most common and most lethal of these cancerous tumors are glioblastoma (GBM). What is Glioblastoma? Glioblastoma is a type of glioma, which is a brain tumor that begins in the star-shaped glial cells […]
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CBD May Slow Cancer Growth

According to the American Cancer Society, scientists have recently reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. This is not only fascinating, but encouraging news for not only researchers, but those who are diagnosed with cancer, or have a […]
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Current Treatment Options and Research for Glioblastoma

Glioblastoma originates in the brain and typically does not spread to other parts of the body. It is a particularly difficult cancer to treat because tumors often overlap with healthy brain tissue making full surgical removal usually impossible. Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation may slow the disease’s progression, but there is currently no cure. […]
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New Farm Bill Legislation to Legalize Hemp

President Trump is expected to sign the 2018 Farm Bill, a massive, five-year piece of legislation that outlines regulations on everything from food stamps to environmental land use. This particular Farm Bill has one piece of legislature that previous versions have not included – it is legalizing industrial hemp, including the plants used to produce […]
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