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Diverse DNA


In addition to pioneering innovative cannabinoid based cancer treatments,  we are at the forefront of early cancer detection utilizing state of the art genetic testing technology. Diverse DNA  is transforming patient care through advanced clinical laboratory testing with a focus on personalized genomic testing. These powerful diagnostic tools empower health care providers and patients to make better informed medical and lifestyle decisions.




If a patient has a family history of cancer or has already had cancer, testing for inherited cancer mutations can determine how closely the patient should be monitored with screenings and exams as well as help shape future treatments.

Physicians and patients can take proactive steps to decrease risk and inform other family members about their risks. If cancer runs in a patient’s family, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later.

Genomic Testing

We assist our clients with specialty genomic testing, including:

Hereditary Cancer Screenings (CGX)

At Diverse DNA, we are committed to providing health care professionals and their patients genomic insights that will assist in the early detection and personalized treatment of a variety of cancers. Based on family history, an individual may have inherited a DNA variant that puts them at greater risk to develop cancer. A simple buccal swab test is all that is required to test for potential genetic mutations. Diverse DNA makes it easy by providing all the tools needed and utilizing the latest next generation sequencing (NGS) technology.

Pharmacogenomics Testing (PGX)

Diverse DNA understands that each patient responds differently to medications. Pharmacogenomic testing helps determine how individuals metabolize over 80% of all FDA approved medications. This insight provides both the patient and health care provider with a report that is better and more effective in finding the right treatment options.

Pharmacogenomics, the analyses of how genetic makeup affects an individual’s response to drugs, gives health care providers the ability to choose the right drug and deliver it at the right time. A buccal swab can reveal which mediations may cause side effects or adverse reactions. Diverse DNA provides all the tools needed to collect the sample as well as administer the test utilizing state of the art next generation sequencing (NGS) technology.

Cancer Screenings

Diverse DNA, a division of Diverse Biotech synergizes the teams specialized knowledge, partnerships and cutting edge DNA sequencing
tests provide our clients with best-in-class solutions. We are committed to providing a full range of DNA sequencing tests with a mission to
extend or save lives. That’s our biggest goal.

Buccal Swab Program

Diverse DNA’s buccal swab program advances research capabilities with cutting-edge technology to improve patient care and cancer treatment through early detection. Diverse DNA’s cancer screenings are a preventative cancer strategy. Our cancer-screening program is compromised of lab techs, administrative personnel, and DNA sequencing technology, but it offers something more – a team who cares.