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Diverse Hydro

Why Diverse Hydro

Committed to Making a Difference
In each of the divisions of Diverse Biotech, including Diverse Hydro, we are combining our experience, scientific research and business acumen to do more of what we’re passionate about: improving health and improving lives.

Cannabinoid Grow Facilities

The proprietary cannabinoid product platform developed by Diverse Hydro, a division of Diverse Biotech, is compromised of a team of experts in indoor grow systems, focused on the development, management and cultivation of 21 different, novel and unique combinations of cannabinoids that enhance the performance of cannabinoids in the human body.

Indoor Grow Systems

Our commercial grow facilities have been equipped for the controlled cultivation of our unique cannabinoid crop to ensure exacting formulas, maximum plant growth, and the highest levels of production possible. Each facility includes sophisticated irrigation systems; grow lighting, air filtration exchange, heating and cooling where required to automate production.

We provide computerized control systems to integrate the entire growing system to meet exacting requirements for each strain based on specific section, or room configurations. These computerized automation systems control lighting, irrigation and temperature to ensure the proper growing environment.

Novel and Unique Combinations of Cannabinoids

Diverse Hydro is responsible for the in-house formulation, processing and production of each of Diverse Biotech’s 21 different novel and unique combinations of cannabinoids.

Why Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids May Create a New Class of Drugs for Cancer Patients

Cannabinoids have been shown to cause antitumor effects by various mechanisms, including:

  • Induction of cell death
  • Inhibition of tumor angiogenisis, tumor invasion, and tumor metastatis
  • Inhibition of cell growth