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Beaudon Spaulding

Senior Vice President - Diverse Hydro


Beaudon is a Business Development / Sales & Marketing executive with 22 years of C-level experience. He is an entrepreneur at heart and frequent speaker at National Conferences on a variety of technical and innovative ideas. Mr. Spaulding’s career began in 1996 during his sophomore year in college, when he co-founded “GreenFone” and “Asia Link” during the deregulation of the telecom industry.

Making a natural transition from the Telecom Industry into the Internet industry; his technological expertise expanded into digital advertising. Beaudon’s proficiency in the internet and technology includes: Behavioral Intent Marketing, Content Syndication, Digital Ad Serving, Digital Advertising, Ad Serving Technologies (methods of delivery), and Ad Operations.

In addition to his passion for electronic media is his enthusiasm and depth of knowledge in cultivation and horticultural science for over 20 years. Mr. Spaulding will be leading the Diverse Hydro division.

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