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We accomplish our goals through advancements in science, medicine, and genomics. We aim
to improve the lives of patients who suffer from cancer and other
debilitating diseases.

Diverse Biotech is the parent company of the Diverse Family of wholly owned subsidiaries. The three entities are all wholly owned by Diverse Biotech and have their own leadership, goals and accomplishments.

Diverse Pharma is our pharmaceutical discovery division, developing new molecules and patenting novel medical discoveries. Commercialization path of these new discoveries include;

  1. Our continuous commitment to follow the FDA New Drug Application for commercialization.
  2. Identifying synergies with bio-pharma companies, for the ongoing development of new assets in oncology, dermatology and inflammatory therapeutic indications.
  3. Creating collaborations around licensing opportunities

Diverse DNA is a wholly owned subsidiary that is at the forefront of early cancer detection and transforming patient care through advanced personalized genomic testing so patients can make better lifestyle decisions.

Diverse Hydro is a wholly owned subsidiary that is focused on the indoor cultivation of Industrial Hemp for research and commercialization. 


is focused on drug-discovery and treatment derived from cannabinoids


is focused on cancer screening and pharmacogenomic programs


is focused on development, management and cultivation of industrial hemp

We Are Committed To Making A Difference In Cancer Treatment

Each day, countless lives around the world are devastated by cancer diagnoses. We want to make a difference and develop novel treatments that save lives and give people hope.