for patients, healthcare professionals, and investors in therapeutic areas of greatest unmet need

Through Advancements In Natural Science, Medicine, And Genomics, we aim to improve the lives of patients who suffer from cancer and other debilitating diseases.

Receiving a brain tumor diagnosis is immediately life-altering. 95% of people diagnosed with Glioblastoma will die within 5 years and that includes children. Cancer is the number 1 cause of death in America and brain cancer is the number 1 cause of cancer death in children. That’s a terrifying statistic to anyone, parent or not.

The most powerful enemy we have against us is the unstoppable progression of time. We can’t take for granted the little time we have to improve the life of others. Diverse biotech has made it our mission to do everything we can to eradicate this terrible disease, and maybe this time, there is hope.  

Diverse Biotech, Inc is an innovative drug-discovery & biopharmaceutical research company committed to discovering and developing novel therapies from its proprietary conjugate drug synthesis Platform.

The company originated from oncologists adding cannabinoid therapy to standard of care treatment for cancer patients and reporting significant benefits.

By utilizing strategic hiring, we brought on lead scientists and chemical engineers to improve the cannabinoid molecule. We have succeeded in creating a novel new class of cancer fighting drugs, never-before existing in nature. Molecules that utilize the cannabinoid molecule structure in order to attack cancer at its core.

Based on the research results, Diverse Biotech has taken the technology to the next level and put an experienced Executive Leadership Team in place to take the company forward.

Conjugate Synthesis Platform

Targets the Cancer, wherever it is

Specific Advantages of Conjugate Platform

Step increase in efficacy

  • Rapid absorption and distribution
  • Increased lipophilicity (cross blood–brain barrier)
  • Effective to >10x the current standard of care
  • Potential to lower dose of current highly-toxic therapeutic agents in the market today

Improved tolerability for patients

  • Decreased toxicity
  • Fewer side effects

Multiple Functionality

  • Patented across many drug families or classes in multiple disease states
  • Patent extension on existing drugs
  • Significantly ‘de-risking’ Drug Discovery with studied entities