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Diverse Biotech Is Developing Lifesaving Medications.

for patients, healthcare professionals, and investors in therapeutic areas of greatest unmet need.

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What Problem Are We Solving?

for patients, healthcare professionals, and investors in therapeutic areas of greatest unmet need.

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(2020) discovery and early development work was conducted in house for just 10 Pfizer’s 44 new products (23%).

(2020) Only two of J&J’s 18 leading products (11%) were discovered in house. The majority (81%) of other products were discovered and initially developed by parties like Diverse Biotech.

Conjugate Synthesis Platform

How our new drug works, compared to standard therapy: Targeting Brain Cancer.

Traditional approach
(The old way)
Drug 1
Drug 2

Drug 1 Drug 2 follow their own independent patterns and high toxicity applies throughout the body.

Drug 1 doesn’t always make it to the same site Drug 2 makes it to.

New conjugate approach
(The New Way)
Drug 1 +2

Drug 2 is released at the site of Drug 1 action Drug 1 & 2 are always present at the same site.

Conjugate is less toxic than Drug 1 & 2 alone. Toxic action is only at site of cancer being present.

The New Way

Specific Advantages of Conjugate Platform

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Step increase in efficacy

  • Rapid absorption and distribution
  • Increased lipophilicity (cross blood–brain barrier)
  • Effective to >10x the current standard of care
  • Potential to lower dose of current highly-toxic therapeutic agents in the market today

Improved tolerability for patients

  • Decreased toxicity
  • IFewer side effects

Multiple Functionality

  • Patented across many drug families or classes in multiple disease states
  • Patent extension on existing drugs
  • Significantly ‘de-risking’ Drug Discovery with studied entities

Our Inventors

Lead Science | Experienced With Proven Track Record

Paul Hershberger, PhD

Chief Chemist

Philip Arlen, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Our Discovery

Diverse Biotech Innovation & Medical Discovery

Diverse Biotech, Inc., is not a “single-drug” or “single-disease” company.

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