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Through advancements in science, medicine, and genomics, we aim
to improve the lives of patients who suffer from cancer and other
debilitating diseases.

Diverse Biotech is a biopharmaceutical research company, focused on new medical discoveries and the development of new molecules for the treatment of disease. Commercialization path of these new discoveries include;

  1. Our continuous commitment to follow the FDA New Drug Application for commercialization.
  2. Identifying synergies with bio-pharma companies, for the ongoing development of new assets in oncology, dermatology and inflammatory therapeutic indications.
  3. Creating collaborations around licensing opportunities


is focused on drug-discovery and development

We Are Committed To Making A Difference In Cancer Treatment

Each day, countless lives around the world are devastated by cancer diagnoses. We want to make a difference and develop novel treatments that save lives and give people hope.