About What is Diverse Biotech!

Diverse Biotech is a drug discovery and development company, that licenses out hit-to-lead (early stage novel molecules) and advanced (late-stage, de-risked) therapeutic molecules, that are pre-positioned for the clinical trial process with the FDA.

Innovation & Medical Discovery

Diverse Biotech, Inc

Diverse Biotech, Inc., is not a “single-drug” or “single-disease” company. Diverse draws intellectual property from our own proprietary patent-pending IP repository, consisting of thousands of novel, lead molecules in the following drug classes;

  • Chemotherapies
  • Beta Lactam (Antibiotics)
  • ADC (Antibodies)
  • Platinum Agents
  • Antiprotozoal / Antiviral Agents

Increasing Value is the Goal

Our short-term goal is to increase the value of the entire IP pipeline. By continuing downstream proof of concept. Every molecule that is proven to have increased effectiveness and every molecule licensed-out, increases the value of other molecules in the portfolio.

We expect to file for an IND for our lead molecule, DBT-30180 for first-line Glioblastoma therapy by the end of Q2 2023. The acceptance of this step by the FDA, will dramatically increase the value of the Company and open up many new licensing opportunities.

Our Identity

We are disrupters

Our molecules show a high level of effectiveness and carry less downstream development risk because we start with parent-drugs that are already understood and FDA approved. We connect such drugs with specific cannabinoids, on a molecular level, to create our novel molecules. Our new molecules show better properties (including efficacy, delivery and safety) than either the parent drug, the cannabinoid or an traditional combination therapy utilizing the two drugs separately.

In short;