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Our Story

The Story of Our Business

Our Diverse History

Early in 2012 medicinal hemp products were legalized as a result of a federal appellate court ruling, (Hemp Industry v/s DEA), thereby launching the Hemp-CBD nutraceutical industry in the United States, and the birth of the company.

After years of research and significant financial investment, Diverse Biotech arrived at a unique formulation of cannabinoids, which appeared to greatly improve the clinical results observed when its CBD oil was used as a helper, or adjuvant, to the standard of care for chemotherapy. These formulations are the basis of the company’s current 22 (and expanding) patents and intellectual property.

In December 2018, the company officially registered the name Diverse Biotech Inc. (including Diverse Pharma, Diverse Hydro, Diverse DNA) reflecting not only the company’s addition of synthetic cannabinoids to its natural cannabinoid portfolio, but also expansion into genetically modified industrial hemp hydroponic cultivation as well as increasing their position in genetic testing.

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Our Fight Against Cancer

Diverse Biotech is focused on improving family care and wellness. We aim to create a healthy, happy, and sustainable world for our patients, colleagues, investors, and communities. The single driving force behind what we do is to extend or save lives.

Cancer works in direct conflict with our goals. We endeavor, hope and aspire to find the big “breakthrough” cancer drug. Realistically, incremental advances for rare or difficult-to-treat cancers also make a huge difference to patients who do not respond to current treatments.

How We Do It

Diverse Biotech’s three divisions, enables us to ensure rigorous controls throughout our cannabinoid production process, the ability to develop FDA clinical trials for further research and launch programs for laboratory cancer DNA screening tests to help oncologists provide a higher standard of care. 

Diverse Pharma

With multiple active FDA clinical trials in oncology, our Diverse Pharma division propels our novel cannabinoid discoveries, for improving health and well being of cancer patients, through the approval process.

Diverse Hydro

The Diverse Hydro divisions’ team of indoor grow system experts oversee our proprietary cannabinoid product platform to develop, manage and cultivate our unique combinations of cannabinoids.

Diverse DNA

Cancer DNA screening through our Diverse DNA divisions’ buccal swab program advances research capabilities with cutting-edge technology and labs to improve patient care and cancer treatment savings through early detection.


Inspired to Succeed

According to the well-known saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”; in other words, people invent things because society has difficult problems that need solving. For the team at Diverse Biotech, “Saving lives is the mother of all inspirations.”

Some inventions appear because of scientific breakthroughs. Here at Diverse Biotech, we strive to extend or save lives through the discovery of new things in medicine. We are truly inspired to succeed.


Research & Development
Can Save Lives

Steady incremental advances in research and development are vital to positively impact the way cancer is treated. In 1975, fewer than half of people diagnosed with cancer survived five years. Today, two out of three people diagnosed with cancer survive at least five years.